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Support the 2022 Call for Curiosity

Support the 2022 Call for Curiosity


When you think of a better future, what do you imagine? 

At the Rochester Museum & Science Center, we believe in a better future for all. And we believe achieving that future starts right now, through curiosity, exploration, and participation in science, culture, and the natural world. Will you join us in working toward a better future for all?

Donate Now 

How do we work to inspire a better future?

  • By serving as a portal to a world of pure curiosity and wonder. Our immersive exhibits provide completely unique opportunities for guests to explore the past and present. These experiences help visitors of all ages gain a new understanding of our region’s cultural and scientific past, which helps provide a greater understanding of where we are today.
  • By creating opportunities to spark curiosity. We know that encouraging simple questions now can lead to big discoveries in the future, that’s why our incredible educators are excited to engage with guests and create an energy of curiosity around any subject, whether in an exhibit hall, a classroom, a forest, or the Star Theater.
  • By providing broader access to inspiring experiences now. We’re proud to offer programs like Museums for All, Career Ladder, and our Transportation & Admissions Fund, which help us ensure that all curious minds, no matter the circumstances, have access to the tools they need to follow their curiosity and keep imagining better futures.kid2

And the reason we’re able to inspire? 

Because of supporters like you. Your gifts make it possible for RMSC staff to engage every guest in a world of discovery, give us the opportunity to create new immersive experiences, and give our visitors a greater understanding of their community, their world, and themselves.

Through a donation to our 2022 Call for Curiosity, you can help us ensure every vision of the future has a chance to be realized.



Thank you for your support! 

Did you know that you could double your gift?

Many companies have a matching gift program and will match the donations their employees make to community organizations like the RMSC. Sometimes they’ll even match 2:1! Please ask your employer if they’ll match your gift! 

Questions? Contact Melanie Barnas-Simmons, VP, Institutional Advancement at 585.697.1936 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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