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Leadership Level Memberships

Leadership Level Memberships

Leadership level members help to support the RMSC and ignite a passion for learning through exploration and discovery. Community support bolsters our impactful programs and allows us to provide unforgettable experiences that inspire a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

By supporting us at a leadership level:


You encourage discovery

Hands-on learning sparks curiosity and adds context to ideas, especially when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). STEM fields are central to our region’s competiveness and growth, so engaging students in these vital areas is more important than ever.

Each year at the RMSC, we generate interest in STEM as we:

  • Engage nearly 375,000 visitors with 200 hands-on exhibits
  • Excite 60,000 school-aged children through our exhibits and programs
  • Connect with more than 2,500 children who attend our Curiosity Camps

With your help, we are inspiring the next generation of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.


You build futures

The RMSC provides economically disadvantaged youth (ages 15-19) with opportunities to learn workforce skills and explore science and technology careers by employing them at our Museum.

By providing training, mentoring and professional development, as well as meaningful educational and work opportunities, the RMSC Career Ladder program helps youth in our community build character and prepare for the road ahead.

Your support of the RMSC allows us to work continuously with 10-15 at-risk youth each year.


You create memories

All students should have the opportunity to expand their understanding of STEM through exploration of our Museum.

Our Community Partner Pass Program ensures that students with economic, physical and mental disadvantages (as well as their families, caregivers and group leaders) are able to enjoy the benefits of the RMSC. Given this opportunity for discovery, these students’ performance and motivation improve while their confidence levels soar.

Thanks to your support, the Community Partner Pass Program allows 10,000 low-income families and individuals with disabilities to visit free of charge each year. 


You enrich our community

Visitors experience three floors of excitement, including hands-on exhibits, spectacular experiments and fiery explosions at the RMSC.

At the Strasenburgh Planetarium, visitors explore our world and beyond via star shows, giant-screen films and laser shows.

The wonders of nature, including six miles of scenic hiking trails and educational Summer Fun Camps, inspire visitors at the Cumming Nature Center.

Thanks to friends like you, the RMSC serves as a place for community members to gather and learn together.

Leadership Level Member Benefits

Explore our Leadership Level Guide to discover what you will enjoy in addition to the general benefits that we extend to all our members.

Become a Leadership Level Member today!

Make a tax-deductible donation by becoming a member of the RMSC online, by phone or by mail:

Join    or    Renew

Phone: Call Melanie Barnas-Simmons, VP, Institutional Advancement, 585.697.1936.

Mail: Download and complete the membership application, then send your application and payment made payable to “Rochester Museum & Science Center” to:

Rochester Museum & Science Center

Office for Advancement
657 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607

Why are we Leadership Level Members?



To support an "interest and understanding of STEM."

Betsy and John Carver, President's Circle Ambassadors
"As native Rochesterians, we both have memories of visiting the RMSC as children – so it has been part of our lives for a long time. Over the years, we have watched it become a more interactive science center, and now we enjoy taking our grandchildren there.
Currently, the RMSC is working hard to stimulate broad community interest and understanding of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). With the need today to encourage more students to pursue STEM-related careers, we feel that the RMSC’s efforts to ignite kids’ interest in science and technology through their school programs, camps, educational programs and activities makes it a key organization that we want to continue to support."



"...To help our kids better understand the world."

Jeff and Liv Burkey, Scientist Ambassadors
"We are happy to support the RMSC and proud to have our daughter in such a unique preschool program. The Museum is really a lot more than just a fun place to take your kids on a rainy afternoon. We really view it as an extension of our kids’ education. Our daughter has been using an iPad since she was 2 years old and will grow up in a world filled with drones, robots and wearable smart devices. Her understanding of science and technology will determine whether these advances sound scary or exciting. Our community is fortunate to have a world-class science center to help our kids better understand the world around them and get ready for, or even help build, our future.
We often take for granted that our five-year-old daughter can point out a Georgia O'Keefe painting, or build a catapult out of Popsicle sticks and bottle caps to mimic Da Vinci's. She's fascinated with insects and reptiles, builds spaceships out of cardboard boxes and is excited to share why her blood is red. Obviously, in her three years at the RMSC Preschool she's cultivated a love for science that will stick with her as she travels through elementary school and beyond. We believe our daughter will be at an advantage with this academic foundation while being a well-rounded little girl who can dream of going to the moon on her unicorn in full princess regalia."



"...The arts and culture are very important."

Linda Davey, Scientist Ambassador
“It’s a wonderful museum – part of the East Ave history. I think one of Rochester’s greatest assets are its museums and galleries. It puts Rochester a step above the rest. A city is made up of different ingredients, and the arts and culture are very important. I’m in love with Rochester.”
Linda and her family became members of the RMSC in the early 1960’s. She and her husband explored the Museum with their young boys. Linda continues to attend the Museum with her grandchildren and out-of-town guests.



"It's a safe, wonderful learning environment for families."

Kerry and Jake Pierson and Family, Inventor Ambassadors

"It was just a fun place for us to go. Our trips always started with the boys racing up the ramp outside and ended with them running down the ramp. The boys went to camp here. It was fun, educational, purposeful and exciting. It feels homey. Every time we’d ask John and Sammy where they’d want to go, they’d say the Museum and Science Center. Sammy sometimes called it, ‘My museum.’ Sammy loved to play at the water table. He’d get soaking wet with sand all over him. John liked the Erie Canal Lock in AdventureZone and the Glaciers and Giants part of Expedition Earth. We also spent a lot of time in Raceways. It’s a safe, wonderful learning environment for families. We remember coming here when we were children. It’s tradition."
Kerry and Jake Pierson support the Museum through an annual gift from The Community Foundation in memory of their son, Sammy. The Piersons frequently visited the Museum with Sammy and their other son, John. The family, which now includes their son Charlie, continues to be involved today and hopes to make new RMSC memories with their growing family.



To expose children to "the wondrous world of science."

Carol and Dr. Michael Hirsh and Family, Investigator Ambassadors
It's been nearly fifty years since Carol and Michael Hirsh settled in Rochester after completing Mike's professional training and to start his pediatric practice in Rochester. Carol and Mike are quick to say that they and their two adult children, David and Susan, all reflect happily on that decision to make Rochester home.
Family memories begin with the many and varied educational opportunities afforded them by the RMSC. A few favorites: Carol's classes and the friends she made in them, David's birthday party at the Strasenburgh Planetarium and their bright, beautiful autumn visits to Cumming Nature Center. The knowledge and curiosity spawned by Brighton Central School's science curriculum was enhanced by visits to the museum. It comes as no surprise that David's science skills morphed into a career in medicine and Susan's love of math and science led her to be a tenured math and science teacher. Paralleling their children's growth, Carol and Mike's own interests also found a home in RMSC programming, especially those featuring the environment, ecology and the natural sciences.
After creating a family charitable foundation, the Hirshes realized that it was time to give back to the institution which had given their family so much for so long. They began this mission by collaborating in the funding of "The Lake Ontario Project," which was designed to study the underwater habitat of our own Great Lake, Lake Ontario. More recently, the foundation has gifted the "Transportation and Admission Fund," initiated to support districts unable to afford the transportation and admission fees for their students to visit the RMSC. This contribution highlights the importance of youth exposure to the sciences, both inside of and outside of the classroom. The Hirshes continue to support the RMSC personally and through their family foundation.
In keeping with their own values, Carol and Mike believe that all children need to benefit from extensive exposure to what Mike calls "the wondrous world of science." He muses that this gift might make a difference in a child's career choice, as has happened in his own family.
With three grandsons, Dr. Hirsh's theory could be prophetic: The Rochester Museum and Science Center is the boys' first choice venue when they come to town to see grandma and grandpa!

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